Urban acoustics on Chill

Simplecity is an acoustic music show presented by Bern Leckie every Monday night on Chill, a digital radio station based in the UK.

Bern started Chill to be an extension of what friends were doing when they wanted to help each other chill – finding tunes, making and sharing mixes and compilations.

While Chill covers all kinds of laid back and uplifting music, Bern wanted to make a space for some of his favourite acoustic artists and songs.

“Chill is something we need in a stressful world,” said Bern. “For me, it’s not about putting off feeling better until we can physically get away from every source of pressure, but being able to find things and people where we are right now that can help us, and maybe to be the help for someone else too.

“That’s the idea of Simplecity – the joy of finding something beautifully small and simple in a huge, overwhelming place. One voice with one idea can make a song I’ll remember and treasure forever. I’m hoping that we can make a place to keep coming back to after a busy day, share tunes, get relaxed and inspired.”

If there is an artist or song you would like to share with Bern and the show, or if you have a theme idea for Bern to make into a mix, get in touch here.